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Photo Collection Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get a print of NASA images?
  2. What about copyright information?
  3. Do you have drawings of airplanes?
  4. Who do I contact about a problem?

  1. How do I get a print of NASA images?
    Due to budget constraints, NASA does not make copies of images available to the general public. Copies may be made available to qualified mass media representatives and NASA research partners by contacting the Office at 661-276-3449 or Email at

    Many of the images in the Dryden Gallery are available in a large, high resolution version for the purpose of high quality printing. Many of these JPEG files can produce 8x10" 300 DPI full color images on color laser or ink jet printers.

  2. What about copyright information?
    For issues regarding copyright information and use of NASA images and logos, please see the following links:
    NASA Image eXchange copyright information
    NASA Headquarters image copyright information.

  3. Do you have drawings of airplanes?

    Except for simple line drawings in its Graphics Collection, the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center does not have such drawings available. The manufacturer of the aircraft may have drawings of its recent models. The address of the manufacturer can be found in such sources as the World Aviation Directory, which is also available in many libraries.

    Many manufacturers have their own home pages on the Web with information and addresses.
    Do a Web search under the name of the manufacturer, such as:

    "Lockheed," "Northrop-Grumman," "Boeing."

    On-line source: Perform a search of "air museums"

  4. Who do I contact about a problem with one of the Collections?
    For questions about a particular aircraft or research program, please contact the Office at

    For problems with the web pages (missing links, typos, etc.) please contact Webmaster at:

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