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NASA Meatball X-37 Advanced Technology Demonstrator Photo Collection banner
X-37 Advanced Technology Demonstrator

Illustration of the X-37 Advanced Technology Demonstrator in STS cargo bay

Photo Number: EC99-45145-1
Photo Date: 1999
Formats: 422x640 JPEG Image (208 KBytes)
844x1280 JPEG Image (655 KBytes)
1977x3000 JPEG Image (2882 KBytes)

This artist's conception shows the X-37 Advanced Technology Demonstrator in the Shuttle Payload Bay. The X-37 lies on a pallet, with the Earth in the background and the Sun rising on the right. Rounded on the top and flat on the bottom, the X-37 design incorporates double-delta wings and two horizontal stabilizers, forming a V-shape.

Keywords: X-37 Advanced Technology Demonstrator; reusable launch vehicle.


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