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Artist concept of X-33 and Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) Artist concept of X-33 and Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV)

Photo Number: ED97-43938-1
Photo Date: 1997

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An artist's conception showing the relative sizes of the X-33 (left) and the proposed operational VentureStar. Although about the same shape, the VentureStar would be twice the size of the half scale X-33. The added size was necessary to accommodate a large payload bay, and the increased fuel supply needed to reach orbital speeds of Mach 25+. The VentureStar was intended to be a low-cost, reusable launch vehicle, while the X-33 fabricated to test the advanced technologies needed to build it. With the cancellation of the X-33 in February 2001, the VentureStar effort also ended.

Keywords: X-33 Advanced Technology Demonstrator

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