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The X-3 (49-2892) was manufactured by the Douglas Aircraft Company and investigated the design features of an aircraft suitable for sustained supersonic speeds, which included the first use of titanium in major airframe components. It was delivered to the NACA High-Speed Flight Station in August of 1954. Although it made some significant contributions to knowledge about "inertial coupling", a tendency to diverge from the flight path at near supersonic speeds, the X-3 never lived up to it's expectations as a Mach 2 aircraft.

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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E54-1227 Apr 1954 X-3 on ramp - view from front
E54-1228 Apr 1954 X-3 on ramp - view from side
E54-1230 Apr 1954 X-3 on ramp - view from back
E-1996 1955 X-3 on ramp
E55-01994 1955 X-3 on ramp from above
E-17348 1950s X-3 in flight, which made significant contributions to knowledge about inertial coupling
E-2274 1956 X-3 being towed to lakebed on ramp
E-2412 1956 X-3 on lakebed
E-1546 1954 X-3 on lakebed
E-1239 1954 NACA Aircraft on lakebed - X-3, D-558-I, F4D, D-558-II - 1954
E-2889 August 4, 1953 NACA research aircraft - Bell X-1A, D-558-1, XF-92A, X-5, D-558-II, X-4, & X-3

Douglas X-3 Flight Chronology, 1954-1956

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