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DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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EC96-43611-1 1996 XLR-11 - X-1 rocket engine display
E95-43116-4 1947 X-1-2 on ramp during ground engine test
EC72-3431 1947 X-1 in flight
E60-6204A 1947 XS-1 in flight with copy of "mach jump" paper tape data record of the first supersonic flight
E52-0670 Dec. 15, 1951 Right side view of Bell X-1 #6063
E51-593 Nov. 1951 X-1-3 being mated to EB-50A Superfortress
E50-0382 Nov. 8, 1950 NACA pilot John Griffith hands his flight gear to Dick Payne as crew members Ed Edwards and Clyde Bailey look on.
E49-009 1949 X-1-2 on ramp with Boeing B-29
E49-007 Sept. 1949 X-1-2 mounted under B-29 for launch
E49-005 Sept. 1949 X-1-2 on ramp with pilots Robert Champine and Herb Hoover
E49-0039 Sept. 1949 X-1-2 on ramp with crew
E49-001 1949 X-1-2 on lakebed
E49-0004 1949 Right side of Bell X-1 #6063 next to B-29 mothership.
E49-00010 1949 X-1 cockpit instrument panel
E-930 1953 X-1E canopy mock-up
E-9 1949 XS-1 on ramp with B-29 mothership
E-668 1951 X-1-2 on ramp
E-595 1951 X-1 attached to B-29 mothership
E-4837 late 1940s X-1 on display

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