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NASA Meatball NASA Dryden X-1 banner
X-1 attached to B-29 mothership X-1 attached to B-29 mothership

Photo Number: E-595
Photo Date: 1951

Formats: 558x480 JPEG Image (62 KBytes)
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Description: Technicians servicing the Bell Aircraft Corporation X-1 in preparation for a flight. The X-1 is mated with the Boeing B-29. The hooks and strap that holds the X-1 in place under the B-29 can be seen just above the hand of the technician with the hose. The strap continues under the belly of the X-1 and holds the aircraft to the mothership until the word comes to "launch", and then the shackles are released.

Keywords: Bell Aircraft Corporation; X-1; Boeing B-29

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