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Flight Research Pilots

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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ECN-1651 March 22, 1967 Adams, Michael J.
EC91-572-3 1991 Armstrong, Neil; former Dryden pilot and NASA astronaut
EC91-524-5 1991 Armstrong, Neil; former Dryden pilot and NASA astronaut being inducted into the Aerospace Walk of Honor in Lancaster, California
E-3342 1958 Armstrong, Neil A.
EC98-44477-1 March 18, 1998 Barrilleaux, James; ER-2 aircraft on ramp
EC99-44835-1 Jan. 4, 1999 Batteas, Frank
EC01-0189-1 June 19, 2001 Bomben, Craig R.
E60-05325 March 31, 1960 Butchart, Stanley P. Portrait
E54-01317 July 14, 1954 Butchart, Stanley climbing into B-47
E-1321 1954 Butchart, Stanley P.; NACA/NASA test pilot
EC03-0260-3 Oct. 3, 2003 Crossfield, Scott; speaking at the Centennial of Flight Colloquium held at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in October, 2003.
EC98-44406-7 Feb. 4, 1998 Crossfield, Scott; former NACA test pilot at the 1998 "Men of Mach 2" symposium, an event celebrating his work in the 1950's on the D-558-II Skyrocket aircraft.
E-1455 1954 Crossfield, Scott
ECN-2297 Sept. 3, 1969 Dana, Bill; in front of HL-10 after flight H-24-37
E-5327 March 31, 1960 Dana, Bill H.
EC04-0311-06 October 29, 2004 Ed Lewis (rear) briefs NASA test pilot Dick Ewers on the flight instruments of NASA's YO-3A acoustics research aircraft prior to a checkout flight.
ECN-31797-FR2 1984 Enevoldson, Einar K.
EC98-44820-2 Dec. 2, 1998 Ewers, Richard G.
EC89-0136-01 1989 Fullerton, C. Gordon
ED07-0294-44 Dec. 21, 2007 Fullerton, C. Gordon; More than 200 Dryden staff formed two long lines on the Dryden ramp to greet retired research pilot Gordon Fullerton after his final flight in a NASA F/A-18.
ED07-0294-35 Dec. 27, 2007 Retired NASA research pilot and former astronaut Gordon Fullerton was greeted by scores of NASA Dryden staff who bid him farewell after his final NASA flight.
ED07-0294-27 Dec. 21, 2007 Fullerton, C. Gordon; NASA Dryden research pilot Gordon Fullerton is greeted by his wife Marie on the Dryden ramp after his final flight in a NASA F/A-18 on Dec. 21, 2007.
ED07-0294-12 Dec. 21, 2007 A water-cannon salute from two Air Force fire trucks heralds NASA research pilot Gordon Fullerton's final mission as his NASA F/A-18 taxis beneath the spray.
ED07-0294-09 Dec. 21, 2007 A water-cannon salute from two Air Force fire trucks heralds NASA research pilot Gordon Fullerton's final mission as his NASA F/A-18 taxis beneath the spray.
ED07-0294-03 Dec. 21, 2007 Two NASA Dryden F/A-18s flown by Gordon Fullerton and Nils Larson fly in tight formation Dec. 21, 2007 during Fullerton's final flight before his retirement.
ED07-0294-01 Dec. 21, 2007 Fullerton, C. Gordon; NASA Dryden research pilot Gordon Fullerton flies his final mission in NASA F/A-18B #852 in formation with NASA F/A-18A #850 on Dec. 21, 2007.
ED05-0095-02 April 30, 2005 Fullerton, Gordon; research pilot and former astronaut is congratulated by retired astronaut Fred Haise upon Fullerton's induction into the Astronaut Hall of Fame
EC05-0041-4 Feb. 24, 2005 Fullerton, Gordon; NASA Dryden Flight Research Center's chief pilot in the cockpit of the center's T-38 Talon mission support aircraft.
EC02-0102-1 May 14, 2002 Fullerton, C. Gordon; Research pilot and former astronaut in an F/A-18
E50-0382 Nov. 8, 1950 Griffith, John; leaning out of the hatch on the X-1 #2
ECN-1203 April 7, 1966 Haise, Fred
ECN-31797-FR10 1984 Ishmael, Steve; with F-104 research pilot
EC93-42234-2 1993 Kim, Quirin; German test pilot in a T-38 with a GEC-Marconi avionics HMD helmet
ECN-3091 1971 Krier, Gary E. F-8 DFBW
ED07-0046-7 March 16, 2007 Larson, Nils
ED07-0045-3 March 9, 2007 Latimer, Kelly
EC99-45192-2 Sept. 29, 1999 Lewis, Edwin W., Jr.
E49-0091 1949 Lilly, Howard
EC64-245 March 13, 1964 McKay, John B.; after X-15 flight #3-27-44
E62-8947 Oct. 17, 1962 McKay, John; after flight in F-104B
E-5360 March 31, 1960 McKay, John B.
EC91-663-1 1991 McMurtry, Tom; Chief of Dryden Flight Operations with STS mated to 747 SCA
ECN-20821A 1968 McMurtry, Tom C.
ED07-0170-2 July 26, 2007 Pestana, Mark in F-18
EC01-0118-5 April 16, 2001 Pestana, Mark Research pilot
EC97-44302-11 Nov. 4, 1997 Peterson, Bruce; in the cockpit of the restored M2-F1 Lifting Body.
E-24097 Feb. 8, 1972 Peterson, Bruce A.
E-16643B April 13, 1967 Peterson, Bruce; NASA pilot (right) and actor James Doohan (of Star Trek fame) discuss the M2-F2 Lifting Body.
EC94-42688-1 1994 Purifoy, Dana D.
E-14793 1960s Rushworth, Major General Robert A.
EC05-0207-12 Sept. 24, 2005 Schneider, Ed; Former NASA research pilot with the brass plaque summarizing his career during the 2005 Aerospace Walk of Honor ceremonies in Lancaster, Calif.
EC00-0281-8 Sept. 19, 2000 Schneider, Ed; gives a "thumbs-up" after his last flight at the Dryden Flight Research Center
EC95-43108-3 1995 Schneider, Ed T.; in front of SR-71 Blackbird
EC89-0032-2 1989 Schneider, Edward (Ed) T.
ECN-31701 1984 Schneider, Edward (Ed) T.
EC01-0222-2 July 31, 2001 Searfoss, Richard A.
EC94-42398-2 1994 Smolka, James (Jim) W. "Smoke"
EC96-43412-1 1996 Stucky, Mark
ECN-9817 1978 Swann, Michael R.
E-5340 1960 Thompson, Milt O.
E-2298 1956 Thompson, Milt O.; aeronautical research engineer computing data
EC68-1937 March 30, 1961 Walker, Joe A.; after X-15 flight #2-14-28
E-3361 Jan. 27, 1958 Walker, Joe; in pressure suit with X-1E
E-2668 1956 Walker, Joseph (Joe) A.
EC99-45219-1 October 27, 1999 David A. Wright in ER-2
Pilot Group Photos
ACD08-0005-074 January 14, 2008 The flight crew of NASA's SOFIA airborne observatory includes (from left), Ulli Lampater Marty Trout, Bill Brockett Andres Reinacher and Frank Batteas.
ACD08-0005-073 January 14, 2008 The flight crew of NASA's SOFIA airborne observatory includes (from left), flight engineer Marty Trout and pilots Bill Brockett and Frank Batteas.
EC05-0177-33 August 23, 2005 Robert White, Bill Dana, Neil Armstrong and Joe Engle were on hand when astronaut wings were presented to the three NASA pilots who flew the X-15 into space.
EC04-0272-1 Sept. 14, 2004 NASA Dryden DC-8 flight crew Edwin W. Lewis, Martin J. Trout, Richard G. Ewers, Craig R. Bomben, C. Gordon Fullerton (Chief Pilot), Mark Pestana, Douglas H. Baker, William Frederick Brockett and Frank Batteas
EC04-0269-1 Sept. 10, 2004 Edwin W. Lewis, Jr., David A. Wright (Director of Flight Operations), William Frederick Brockett, Frank Batteas, Craig R. Bomben, Richard G. Ewers, James W. Smolka, Douglas H. Baker, C. Gordon Fullerton (Chief Pilot), James Barrilleaux, Martin J. Trout, and Mark Pestana. (not pictured: Dana Purifoy)
EC98-44406-2 Feb. 4, 1998 Former NACA test pilots Scott Crossfield, Stan Butchart, Robert Champine and John Griffith gathered at NASA DFRC for the "Men of Mach 2" symposium.
EC95-43228-1 August 1995 McMurtry, Schneider, Smolka, Purifoy, Smith and Fullerton
EC90-175-2 1990 Smolka, Fullerton, Schneider, Dana, Ishmael, Smith and McMurtry
E-22901 1971 Lifting Body pilots Jerry Gentry, John Manke, Bill Dana, Cecil Powell with M2-F3 in background
E-14188 Dec. 2, 1965 X-15 pilots: Air Force pilot William J. "Pete" Knight, Air Force Major Robert A. Rushworth, Air Force Captain Joseph H. Engle, NASA pilot Milton O. Thompson, NASA pilot Bill Dana, and NASA pilot John B. "Jack" McKay.
ECN-151 1962 Thompson, McKay, Dana, Armstrong, Peterson, Butchart and Walker
ECN-149 1962 Armstrong, Walker, Dana, Peterson, McKay, Thompson and Butchart.
E-676 March 18, 1952 Walker, Butchart and Jones

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