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NASA Meatball Hypersonic Testbed   Photo Collection banner

Phoenix Missile Hypersonic Testbed

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
    Hypersonic Testbed Photo Collection Contact Sheet
ED06-0217-42 November 14, 2006 Surplus Phoenix missiles like this one mounted on the centerline pylon of NASA's F-15B research aircraft may be used to acquire hypersonic flight test data.
ED06-0217-37 November 14, 2006 An inert Phoenix missile nestled under the fuselage of NASA Dryden's F-15B aircraft is being studied as a possible test vehicle to obtain hypersonic data.
ED06-0217-06 November 13, 2006 NASA Dryden aircraft and avionics technicians install the nose cone on an inert Phoenix missile prior to a fit check on the center's F-15B research aircraft.

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