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Dryden People

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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ED08-0275-17 October 24, 2008 Veterans of the X-15 program reunited at Dryden during a historical colloquium on the 40th anniversary of the last X-15 flight that occurred Oct. 24, 1968.
ED08-0257-03 October 2, 2008 Brent R. Cobleigh
ED08-0257-01 October 2, 2008 David D. McBride
ED08-0253-01 Sept. 30, 2008 Mark C. Dickerson
ED08-0024-3 January 18, 2008 James W. Harris
ED08-0024-2 January 14, 2008 Bradley C. Flick
ED06-0211-056 November 4, 2006 NASA Dryden director Kevin L. Petersen discusses the center's major milestones during its 60th anniversary celebration in November, 2006.
ED06-0008-1 January 18, 2006 Ed Haering
ED05-0233-1 Nov. 15, 2005 Lori Losey
ED05-0081-1 March 11, 2004 NASA Dryden's Lori Losey was named NASA's 2004 Videographer of the Year in part for her camera work during NASA's AirSAR 2004 science mission in Chile.
EC05-0119-1 June 2, 2005 Robert Navarro, Project manager/aerospace engineer
EC05-0089-06 April 22, 2005 While NASA Dryden's Jim Ross outlined his job as an aerial photographer, student Leo Banuelos learned first-hand about the gear Ross wears in the cockpit.
EC05-0089-02 April 22, 2005 NASA Dryden aerospace engineer Trong Bui explains the dynamics of flight to a group of Edwards Middle School students during a recent Career Day presentation.
EC05-0053-1 March 9, 2005 Laurie Marshall, aerospace engineer, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
ED04-0082-1 Feb. 11, 2004 Vincent L. Rausch
EC04-0359-3 December 9, 2004 Trong Bui, NASA Dryden's principal investigator for the aerospike rocket tests, with one of two rockets flown in the first tests.
EC04-0189-2 June 16, 2004 Marta Bohn-Meyer, chief engineer, 2001 - 2005, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
EC04-0083-1 March 19, 2004 Joel Sitz
EC03-0172-1 June 9, 2003 Thomas Ambrose
EC03-0148-1 May 27, 2003 NASA Dryden's David Bushman explains the capabilities of the Altus UAV to NASA Langley's Charles Hudgins.
ED02-0024-02 January 31, 2002 NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe, left, learned about the Mach 10 X-43 research vehicle from manager Joel Sitz during a visit to the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California, January 31, 2002
EC01-0280-1 October 11, 2001 Dr. Michael H. Gorn, Chief Historian at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
EC01-0276-1 October 2, 1986 Vance D. Brand in Space Shuttle flight suit (JSC image S86-38100)
EC01-0137-1 April 24, 2001 NASA Dryden Millennium All-Hands photo
EC01-0100-2 March 9, 2001 Marta Bohn-Meyer
EC00-0032-2 February 3, 2000 The NASA Dryden 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft crew poses in an engine inlet
EC99-44962-4 March 25, 1999 Electronics technician Joe Ciganek was responsible for operation and maintenance of the SR-71 simulator while it was at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center.
EC98-44705-1 August 20, 1998 Vance D. Brand
EC98-44606-1 June 11, 1998 Robert Dale Reed, aerospace engineer, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
EC97-44302-13 November 4, 1997 Often called the "Father of the Lifting Bodies," NASA aerospace engineer Dale Reed enjoys a moment in the cockpit of the restored wingless M2-F1 in 1997.
EC97-44146-1 1997 NASA Life Support Branch staff photo
EC96-43727-1 September 12, 1996 Complete NASA Dryden Staff of 1996 for 50th anniversary, on back ramp of building 4800
EC96-43525-9 April 10, 1996 Flight engineers Marta Bohn-Meyer and Bob Meyer and pilots Eddie Schneider and Rogers Smith flew the SR-71 in high-speed research experiments at NASA Dryden.
EC95-43276-1 Sept. 21, 1971 Vance D. Brand portrait after being selected for the Apollo program. (JSC photo S71-51263)
EC95-43116-6 1947 Complete NACA Muroc Staff of 1947, in front of the XS-1 and B-29
E95-43116-5 1948 Key members of the XS-1 research team
EC93-42219-5 1993 NASA researchers in gold control room during an F-15 HiDEC flight, John Orme and Gerard Schkolnik
EC93-3171-1 1993 F-18 simulation with Simulation Group Lead Martha Evans at the controls
EC93-3033-5 March 3, 1993 NASA Dryden flight test engineer Marta Bohn-Meyer following a research flight in the F-16XL laminar-flow control experiment.
EC93-42219-FR2 1993 NASA researchers in gold control room during an F-15 HiDEC flight
EC93-1143-2 January 14, 1993 Fight engineer Marta Bohn-Meyer flew as a back-seat flight test engineer in this NASA T-38 mission support aircraft when this 1993 photo was taken.
EC91-134-4 1991 F-104 instrumentation is checked by Keith E. Wright and Gaston A. Moore
EC91-134-29 1991 Electronics technician Bill Clark assembling a cannon plug with the help of Jim Lewis
EC91-0608-6 November 1, 1991 The husband-and-wife team of Bob Meyer and Marta Bohn-Meyer flew as flight test engineers on high-speed experiments flown on the SR-71 at NASA Dryden.
EC86-33442-9 May 7, 1986 Flight test engineers Bob Meyer and Marta Bohn-Meyer had the distinction of being the only married couple to both serve on flight status on this two-seat F-104.
EC85-33160-02 Sep 1985 Complete NASA Dryden Staff of 1985, in front of building 4800
EC76-5352 28 Jun 1976 John McTigue, NASA lifting body project manager
E56-02150 1956 XS-1Jack Russell
E50-0382 November 8, 1950 NACA pilot John Griffith hands his flight gear to Dick Payne as crew members Ed Edwards and Clyde Bailey look on.
E49-0212 15 Nov 1949 NACA Muroc women computers with snowman
E49-0053 October 1949 Early NACA human computers at work
E49-00236 November 1949 NACA Muroc Staff of 1949 at NACA barbecue
ECN-5137 March 26, 1976 Mrs. Hugh Dryden unveils the memorial to her late husband at center dedication, with center director David Scott
E-908 January 27, 1953 NACA Groundbreaking Ceremony
E-4248 1959 Dr. Hugh L. Dryden - portrait
E-3731 9 Apr 1958 Research Engineers Clinton T. Johnson, Harriet J Smith, & Richard D. Banner
E-33718 Aug. 1954 Complete NACA Muroc Staff of 1954, in front of new NACA building (4800)
E-33717 1950 Complete NACA Muroc Staff of 1950, in front of original NACA building
E-29389 1976 Dr. Hugh L. Dryden seated at desk
E-2672 November 26, 1956 The NACA Exceptional Service Medal presented at the NACA High Speed Flight Station. L-R: Hugh Dryden, Joe Walker, Stan Butchart, Richard Payne
E-25161 October 5, 1972 M2-F3 and project personnel after the 100th flight
E-1841 1955 Richard Day conducts an early flight simulation, a roll coupling experiment
E-16475 March 6, 1967 NASA aerospace engineer Dale Reed in 1967 with model of the M2-F1 Lifting Body and the actual M2-F1 flown in a research program at the Flight Research Center.
ED07-0039-2 Dec. 6, 2006 David A. Wright
EC04-0338-2 November 23, 2004 Gwen Young

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