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Early NACA human computers at work Early NACA human computers at work

Photo Number: E49-0053
Photo Date: October 1949

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Description: The women of the Computer Department at NACA High-Speed Flight Research Station are shown busy with test flight calculations. The computers under the direction of Roxanah Yancey were responsible for accurate calculations on the research test flights made at the Station. There were no mechanical computers at the station in 1949, but data was reduced by human computers. Shown in this photograph starting at the left are: Geraldine Mayer and Mary (Tut) Hedgepeth with Friden calculators on the their desks; Emily Stephens conferring with engineer John Mayer; Gertrude (Trudy) Valentine is working on an oscillograph recording reducing the data from a flight. Across the desk is Dorothy Clift Hughes using a slide rule to complete data calculations. Roxanah Yancey completes the picture as she fills out engineering requests for further data.

Keywords: Dryden People; NACA High-Speed Flight Research Station; Roxanah Yancey; Geraldine Mayer Mary Hedgepeth; Emily Stephens; John Mayer; Gertrude Valentine; Dorothy Clift Hughes

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