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M2-F3 and project personnel after the 100th flight M2-F3 and project personnel after the 100th flight

Photo Number: E-25161
Photo Date: October 5, 1972

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Description: The 100th flight of the heavy-weight lifting bodies was completed on October 5, 1972, with pilot Bill Dana soaring to an altitude of 66,300 feet and a Mach number of 1.370 (about 904 miles per hour) in the M2-F3. This was call for a celebration as the crew responsible for maintaining and operating the vehicle, the engineers who requested the flight, the pilots who flew the M2, and the Director of the NASA Flight Research Center gather in front of the M2-F3 lifting body for a photograph.

Kneeling left to right are Bill Dana, (unknown person),* Jay King, and Herb Anderson. In the cockpit is Bill Szuwalski. Standing left to right are: Dale Reed, Robert Kempel, Milt Thompson, Bill Clifton, an Air Force fire fighter, Jerry Brandt, Johnny Armstrong, an Air Force fire fighter, Gary Layton, Jack Kolf, Ming Tang, (unknown person),* Byron Gibbs, Joe Huxman, (unknown person)*, Bill Mersereau, Bill Arnold, John Manke, Dr. Bill Winters, (unknown person)*, Bill LePage, Glenn Ford, Lee Scherer, Director of Center, (two unknown people),* Stan Butchart, and Berwin Kock.

*=Identification incomplete at this time.)

Keywords: Dryden People; NASA Flight Research Center; M2-F3 (803); William H. Dana; Jay L. King; Herbert Anderson; Robert Dale Reed; Robert W. Kempel; Milton O.Thompson; Jerry Brandt; Johnny G. Armstrong; Garison P. Layton; Jack L. Kolf; Ming H. Tang; Byron D. Gibbs; Joseph D. Huxman; William D. Mersereau; William Arnold; John A. Manke; Dr. William R. Winters; William R. LePage; Lee Scherer; Director of Center; Stanley P. Butchart; Berwin M. Kock; William D. Clifton; Jr.; Boleslaw Szuwalski; Glenn T. Ford

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