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Pathfinder-Plus flight in Hawaii Pathfinder-Plus flight in Hawaii

Photo Number: ED02-0161-2
Photo Date: 24 Jun 2002

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Pathfinder-Plus flight in Hawaii June 2002


AeroVironment's Pathfinder-Plus solar-powered flying wing recently flew a three-flight demonstration of its ability to relay third-generation cell phone and video signals as well as provide Internet linkage. The two pods underneath the center section of the wing carried the advanced two-way telecom package, developed by Japanese telecommunications interests.

NASA Photo by: Nick Galante

Keywords: Pathfinder-Plus; solar-powered; ERAST; Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology; AeroVironment; high-altitude; world record; High Altitude Solar; Hawaii; Kauai; Centurion; Dryden Flight Research Center; Ames Research Center; AeroVironment; Inc.; ERAST; University of Hawaii; University of California; Hurricane Iniki; algal

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