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Oblique WIng Research Aircraft multiple exposure showing wing rotation Oblique WIng Research Aircraft multiple exposure showing wing rotation

Photo Number: ECN-5209
Photo Date: April 28, 1976

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In this 1976 composite photograph taken from above the Oblique Wing Research Aircraft, the rotation capability of the wing is illustrated. The multiple exposure illustrates the limits of wing rotation from 0 and 45 degrees, along with the area swept-out during a full rotation.

The Oblique Wing Research Aircraft was a small, remotely piloted, research craft designed and flight tested to look at the aerodynamic characteristics of an oblique wing and the control laws necessary to achieve acceptable handling qualities. NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and the NASA Ames Research Center conducted research with this aircraft in the mid-1970s to investigate the feasibility of flying an oblique wing aircraft

Keywords: Oblique Wing Research Aircraft (OWRA); Remotely Piloted Research Vehicle; NASA Drained Flight Research Center; NASA Ames Research Centers.

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