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Grumman OV-1C

An OV-1C Mohawk, serial #67-15932, was used in a joint NASA/US Army Aviation Engineering Flight Activity (USAAEFA)
program to study a stall-speed warning system in the early 1980s. NASA designed and built an automated stall-speed warning system which presented both airspeed and stall speed to the pilot. Visual indication of impending stall would be displayed to the pilot as a cursor or pointer located on a conventional airspeed indicator. In addition, an aural warning at predetermined stall margins was presented to the pilot through a voice synthesizer.

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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ECN-24931A July 1983 Grumman OV-1C in hangar
EC83-22719 February 25, 1983 Grumman OV-1C in flight

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