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The M2-F2/F3 was the first of the heavy-weight, entry-configuration lifting bodies. Over 27 missions, the M2-F3 reached a top speed of 1,064 mph (Mach 1.6). Highest altitude reached by vehicle was 71,500 feet on Dec. 21, 1972, the date of its last flight, with NASA pilot John Manke at the controls. NASA donated The M2-F3 vehicle to the Smithsonian Institute in December 1973.

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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E-21528 June 19, 1970 M2-F3 on lakebed
E-21533 June 19, 1970 M2-F3 on lakebed
ECN-2368 May 6, 1970 M2-F3 cockpit instrument panel
ECN-2461 June 20, 1970 M2-F3 on lakebed
EC71-2774 August 10, 1971 M2-F3 in-flight launch from B-52
ECN-2353 1969 3 Lifting Bodies on lakebed (X-24A, M2-F3, HL-10)
E-21115 1969 3 Lifting Bodies on lakebed (X-24A, M2-F3, HL-10)
ECN-3448 December 20, 1972 M2-F3 with test pilot John A. Manke
E-22901 1971 Lifting body pilots - Gerry Gentry, John Manke, Bill Dana, Cecil Powell with M2-F3 in background
E-25161 1972 M2 research team 100th flight observation photo

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