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DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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ECN-1088 February 24, 1966 M2-F2 on ramp
E-13865 September 23, 1965 M2-F2 mated to B-52 mothership on ramp
ECN-1436 September 2, 1966 M2-F2 lifting body being carried aloft by B-52 mothership
EC66-1567 1967 M2-F2 landing with F-104 chase plane
ECN-847 August 17, 1965 M2-F2 mounted in full scale wind tunnel at NASA Ames Research Center
E-16731 May 10, 1967 M2-F2 on lakebed after crash
ECN-1240 March 27, 1966 M2-F2 cockpit instrument panels
ECN-1241 March 27, 1966 M2-F2 cockpit instrument panels
EC66-1154 February 28, 1966 Jay L. King, Joseph D. Huxman, and Orion D. Billeter assist pilot Milt Thompson into the M2-F2 attached to B-52 Mothership
ECN-1107 1966 M2-F1 and M2-F2 lifting bodies on ramp
ECN-1880 1963 Hyper III and M2-F2 models on lakebed with radio controlled Mothership
ECN-2059 1968 Radio controlled mothership, Hyper III, and M2-F2 models on lakebed with research staff (need names)
EC66-1461 1966 X-15s, HL-10, M2-F1, and M2-F2 Lifting Body research aircraft in main NASA hangar
E-19041 June 26, 1968 Jim Newman and Bob McDonald attach an M2-F2 lifting body model to the "Mothership"
ECN-1146 February 28, 1966 Research pilot Milt Thompson in M2-F2 aircraft attached to B-52 Mothership
ECN-1505 September 22, 1966 M2-F2 with test pilot Bruce A. Peterson
EC97-44183-1 1966 Research pilot Capt. Jerry Gentry with M2-F2 aircraft
E-25161 1972 M2 research team 100th flight observation photo

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