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Aircraft Fleet 1950s

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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ET61-0145 March 30, 1952 NASA Research Aircraft - D-558-II, D-558-I, X-5, X-1, XF-92A, X-4
E-959 1953 NACA Aircraft in hangar 1952 - L-R: Three D-558-IIs, D-558-I, B-47, and the wing of YF-84A. Background are the X-4 and F-51
E-960 1952 NACA Aircraft in hangar 1952 - clockwise from front center: YF-84A, D-558-I, D-558-II, B-47, X-1 ship 2, and XF-92A. Behind the B-47 L-R: X-4, F-51, D-558-I, and X-5
E-1152 1952 NACA D-558-II Test Force w/B-29 & F-86
E-1914 1955 NACA Aircraft on lakebed - D-558-II, X-1B, and X-1E
E-842 1952 NACA Aircraft on ramp - X-Planes
E-997 1953 NACA X-Planes on ramp - X-4, D-558-II, D-558-I, X-5, X-1A, XF-92A, X-3
E-998 1953 NACA X-Planes on ramp - X-4, D-558-II, D-558-I, X-5, X-1A, XF-92A, X-3
E-1239 1954 NACA Aircraft on lakebed - X-3, D-558-I, F4D, D-558-II
E-2889 August 4, 1953 NACA research aircraft - Bell X-1A, D-558-I, XF-92A, X-5, D-558-II, X-4, & X-3
E-1433 1954 NACA Aircraft Fleet on lakebed - D-558-II and B-47
E-2952 1957 NACA "Century Series" Fleet in flight F-100, F-101, F-102, and F-104

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