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Flight Loads Laboratory (FLL)

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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EC97-44165-69 July 16, 1997 Flight Loads Laboratory - Aerial view
EC97-44165-78 July 16, 1997 Flight Loads Laboratory - Aerial view
E-22226 November 20, 1970 Load cells, hydraulic actuators, and position transducers testing deflections on YF-12 aircraft body
ECN-2788 August 17, 1971 Custom-contoured radient heater system for the YF-12 forebody
EC79-11287 July 23, 1979 Combiner heating, loading, and pressurization imposed on wing and elevon section of the Space Shuttle to simulate reentry conditions
EC93-42026-8 June 14, 1993 A 2 degree heat flux guage being calibrated on the Optical Pyrometer and Heat Flux Guage Calibration System
EC93-42136-3 August 17, 1993 Application of high temperature strain guages
EC93-42155-4 August 27, 1993 2000 degree F vacuum and inert atmosphere furnace
EC94-42421-20 February 9, 1994 Calibration setup fpr LSRA CV-990 in Flight Loads Laboratory
EC94-42661-2 July 12, 1994 Heating test of a buckling panel in the 220,000 lb. universal testing machine
EC94-42663-1 July 11, 1994 Combiner Loads Test Fixture with NASP test article installed
EC95-43136-2 June 16, 1995 Test setup for strain gage calibration loading conducted on the F-15 ACTIVE
EC96-43524-2 March 14, 1996 PHYSX wing glove thermal test
ECN-28683 March 26, 1984 Strain gage instrumentation installed on the interior of the AFTI/F-16 wing
EC96-43635-2 July 2, 1996 Interior of custom radiant heater for Pegasus wing glove test
EC96-43678-1 July 31, 1996 Carbon-Carbon Control Surface in heating and loading test configuration

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