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F-8 Digital Fly-By-Wire (DFBW)

The F-8 Digital Fly-By-Wire (DFBW) flight research project validated the principal concepts of all-electric flight control systems now used on nearly all modern high-performance aircraft and on military and civilian transports. It was the forerunner of current fly-by-wire systems used in the space shuttles and on today's military and civil aircraft to make them safer, more maneuverable, and more efficient.   F-8 DFBW Home Page

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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E73-25554 January 10, 1973 F-8 DFBW in flight
ECN-3478 January 10, 1973 F-8 Digital Fly-by-Wire (DFBW) in flight over snow capped mountains
EC77-6988 March 4, 1977 F-8 Digital Fly-by-Wire in flight, contributed vastly to systems aboard Space Shuttle
ECN-3276 October 27, 1972 F-8 DFBW in flight
E-24741 June 18, 1972 F-8 DFBW on-board electronics
EC96-43408-1 February 5, 1996 Apollo computer interface box used on F-8 DFBW
EC73-3495 1973 Dryden F-8 Research Aircraft Fleet 1973 in flight, DFBW and SCW

F-8 DFBW Fact Sheet

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