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F-18 SRA closeup of nose cap showing L-Probe experiment and standard air data sensors F-18 SRA closeup of nose cap showing L-Probe experiment and standard air data sensors

Photo Number: EC97-43936-5
Photo Date: Apr 1997

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Description: This under-the-nose view of a modified F-18 Systems Research Aircraft at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California, shows three critical components of the aircraft's air data systems which were mounted on both sides of the forward fuselage. Furthest forward were two L-probes that were the focus of the recent Advanced L-probe Air Data Integration (ALADIN) experiment. Behind the L-probes are angle-of-attack vanes, while below them were the aircraft's standard pitot-static air data probes.

The ALADIN experiment focused on providing pilots with angle-of-attack and angle-of-sideslip air data as well as traditional airspeed and altitude information, all from a single system. Once fully developed, the new L-probes have the potential to give pilots more accurate air data information with less hardware.

NASA Photo by: Tony Landis

Keywords: F-18 SRA; Systems Research Aircraft; Advanced L-probe Air Data Integration experiment; ALADIN; angle-of-attack vanes

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