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F-18 SRA landing F-18 SRA landing

Photo Number: EC96-43623-3
Photo Date: May 1996

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Description: A highly-modified F-18 Hornet flown by the Dryden Flight Research Center in a joint NASA/DOD/industry research program touched down on the main runway at Edwards Air Force Base following another research flight. The two-seat "B" model F-18, formerly a support aircraft at DFRC, was converted into a Sytems Research Aircraft (SRA) to flight test a variety of experimental components and sub-sytems.

Among the more than 20 experiments was the Advanced L-Probe Air Data Integration (ALADIN). Similiar to a standard pitot tube, the fuselage-mounted ALADIN probe measured and integrated Mach speed, altitude, angle of attack and side-slip angle. The experiment incorporated a neural network computer which was "trained" to compute air data measured by the probe.

Keywords: F-18; F/A-18; SRA; Systems Research Aircraft; ALADIN; pitot

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