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NASA Meatball NASA Dryden F-18 High Alpha Research Vehicle (HARV) banner
F-18 HARV smoke flow visualization of actuated nose strakes F-18 HARV smoke flow visualization of actuated nose strakes

Photo Number: EC96-43479-5
Photo Date: March 22, 1996

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Description: During the final phase of tests with the HARV, Dryden technicians installed nose strakes, which were panels that fitted flush against the sides of the forward nose. When the HARV was at a high alpha, the aerodynamics of the nose caused a loss of directional stability. Extending one or both of the strakes results in strong side forces that, in turn, generated yaw control. This approach, along with the aircraft's Thrust Vectoring Control system, proved to be stability under flight conditions in which conventional surfaces, such as the vertical tails, were ineffective.

NASA Photo by: Dan Murri

Keywords: F-18; F/A-18; HARV; High Alpha Research Vehicle; nose strakes; smoke test

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