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F-15 HiDEC

NASA F-15 835 was a unique one-of-a-kind aircraft called the F-15 Flight Research Facility. It was highly instrumented and equipped with an integrated digital electronic flight control system. It could be flown over a broad flight envelope to carry out complex and sophisticated research projects.   F-15 HiDEC Home Page

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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EC91-515-01 September 23, 1991 F-15 HiDEC taxi on ramp at sunrise
EC90-312-30 November 7, 1990 F-15 HiDEC in flight over Mojave desert
EC91-677-1 December 20, 1991 F-15 HiDEC landing with F/A-18 chase aircraft
EC93-2081-1 February 8, 1993 F-15 HiDEC landing
ECN-18899 June 18, 1982 F-15 HiDEC in flight
EC93-42219-5 1993 NASA researchers in control room during an F-15 HiDEC flight, John Orme and Gerard Schkolnik
EC93-42219-FR2 1993 NASA researchers in gold control room during an F-15 HiDEC flight

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