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NASA Meatball NASA Dryden F-15 ACTIVE Aircraft banner
F-15 ACTIVE in flight F-15 ACTIVE in flight

Photo Number: EC98-44511-1
Photo Date: 14 Apr 1998

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The F-15 ACTIVE in flight above the Mojave desert on April 14, 1998. The overhead shot shows the aircraft's striking red and while paint scheme/ The large forward canards are actually the tail surfaces from an F-18.

ACTIVE employs thrust-vectoring of engine exhaust and an advanced control system to develop technology to improve cruise and maneuvering capabilities of future aircraft at both subsonic and supersonic speeds. The ACTIVE F-15B (Serial # 71-0290) incorporates engine exhaust nozzles developed by Pratt and Whitney which can vector up to 20 degrees in both pitch and yaw, along with close-coupled canards ahead of the wings, to improve performance and maneuvering ability.

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