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F-15B ACTIVE in hangar F-15B ACTIVE in hangar

Photo Number: EC95-43273-1
Photo Date: September 18, 1995

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Description: Operational checks of the flight control and instrumentation systems on the F-15 ACTIVE (Advanced Control Technology for Integrated Vehicles), are seen here being conducted Sept. 18, 1995, in a test bay in the Integrated Test Facility (ITF) at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California. A key feature of the ACTIVE research project is the evaluation of thrust vectoring nozzles, developed by Pratt and Whitney, that could enhance high-angle of attack control and maneuverability on future aircraft.

Keywords: F-15; ACTIVE; Advanced Control for Integrated Vechicles; ITF; Integrated Test Facility; thrust vectoring nozzles

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