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DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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EC86-33524-02 1976 F-104N #812, F-15A #287 and YF-17 #569 in formation.
EC82-18904 June 18, 1982 Digital Electronic Engine Control F-15A #287 in flight over California City, CA.
EC81-16394 October 26, 1981 Digital Electronic Engine Control F-15A #287 in flight.
EC80-14126 November 13, 1980 F-15 #281 and F-104 #826 fly in formation during Space Shuttle tile testing.
EC80-12547 March 20, 1980 F-15A #287 in flight
EC80-12546 March 20, 1980 F-15A #287 flies formation with a T-38 chase over Edwards AFB.
EC78-09359 March 3, 1978 F-15A #281 in flight over Mojave
EC78-09319 February 24, 1978 F-15A #281 in flight
ECN-9810 August 1978 F-15A in flight closeup of 10 degree cone experiment
ECN-9554 May 17, 1978 F-15A in flight with 10 degree cone experiment and F-104N chase
ECN-5000 February 4, 1976 F-15A #281 in flight over desert

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