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F-15A Remotely Piloted Research Vehicle (RPRV)

NASA's Drden Flight Research Center used a technique developed for flying Remotely Piloted Research Vehicles (RPRV) to flight test a 3/8-scale model of the USAF's F-15 fighter aircraft. The F-15 RPRV was air launched from a B-52 flying at 45,000 feet and was controlled by a pilot in a ground cockpit complete with flight controls and a television screen.

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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ECN-3804 October 25, 1973 F-15A RPRV attached under the wing of the B-52 mothership in flight
ECN-4891 October 21, 1975 F-15A RPRV/SRV landing on lakebed

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