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F-106 Delta Dart

An extensively modified version of the F-102 Delta Dagger was developed during 1955 under the designation of F-102B but the changes became so extensive that the designation was eventually changed to F-106. The delta wing remained substantially unchanged, but the fuselage was modified to accommodate more powerful Pratt & Whitney J-75 turbojet. Engine intakes were re-located behind the cockpit and were variable for optimum engine performance at all speeds. The cockpit was moved forward relatively, and the shape of the fin and rudder changed. A new undercarriage was fitted, with steerable twin nose wheels. The Convair NF-106B Delta Dart had a new cockpit containing two seats in tandem.

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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EC87-0247-01 1985 F-106 in flight
Eclipse Program
EC96-43755-4 September 23, 1996 Eclipse program F-106 aircraft parked at airport in Mojave, California
EC97-43932-8 1997 Eclipse program F-106 aircraft taxi at airport in Mojave, California
EC97-43932-7 1997 Eclipse program F-106 aircraft takeoff from airport in Mojave, California
EC97-43932-12 February 12, 1997 Eclipse program F-106 aircraft in flight
EC97-43932-16 1997 Eclipse program F-106 aircraft in flight, view from tanker
EC97-44159-8 August 1997 Eclipse program F-106 aircraft in flight, front view
EC97-44233-4 September 1997 Closeup of F-106 release hook for Eclipse program
EC97-44233-5 1997 F-106 tow cable attachment and release mechanism for Eclipse program
EC97-44233-11 1997 View of F-106 aircraft cockpit for Eclipse program
EC97-44165-149 July 16, 1997 Dryden 1997 Research Aircraft Fleet on ramp - X-31, F-15 ACTIVE, SR-71, F-106, F-16XL Ship #2, X-38, and X-36

Additional Information

The NF-106B Airplane was delivered to NASA Langley Research Center January 29, 1979, for a flight test program on Wing Leading Edge Vortex Flaps being performed at that Center. This airplane with the designation of Serial # 57-2516 (816) was never flown at NASA Hugh L. Dryden Flight Research Center. At the present time it is officially still on loan to NASA Langely Research Center.

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