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F-104 Starfighter

Dryden has used a variety of chase and support aircraft. First acquired in August 1956, F-104s were the most versatile work-horses in Dryden's stable of research and support aircraft, with 11 of them flying mostly research missions over the next 38 years.   F-104 Home Page

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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ET60-00056 November 16, 1960 F-104A #734 on lakebed.
E-5071 December 16, 1959 F-104 on ramp
E-6209 November 16, 1960 F-104 on lakebed, front view
E-6213 November 16, 1960 F-104 on lakebed, back view
E-3016 July 9, 1957 F-104A on lakebed
E-6511 February 16, 1961 F-104 on lakebed, ground view
ECN-785 July 7, 1965 F-104 in flight
E-3009 July 9, 1957 F-104A on lakebed
ECN-8023 July 19, 1977 F-104 in flight
EC88-0029-04 January 19, 1988 F-104 in flight
E-6595 December 15, 1960 JF-104 ground testing reaction control system (RCS) jets
ET-95 December 15, 1960 JF-104 ground testing reaction control system (RCS) jets
ECN-4647 May 30, 1975 F-104 in flight with T-38 chase
EC90-224 October 1, 1988 F-104
EC92-03161-4 March 16, 1992 F-104 in flight over lakebed
EC93-42325-22 December 8, 1993 F-104 in flight
ECN-2493 August 12, 1970 Two F-104s in flight
EC75-4914 October 24, 1975 X-24B landing on lakebed with F-104 chase, simulating a Shuttle landing
ECN-30326 July 27, 1984 Edward (Ed) T. Schneider preparing for an F-104 flight
ECN-31797-FR10 1984 F-104 with research pilot Steve Ishmael
EC92-7281-9 July 28, 1992 Test legroom in F-104 testbed for research pilot Steve Ishmael
EC91-134-4 1991 F-104 nose instrumentation is checked by technicians Keith Wright and Bob Brown
E-2952 1957 NACA "Century Series" Fleet in flight F-100A, F-101, YF-102A, and F-104
EC86-33442-9 May 7, 1986 Flight test engineers Bob Meyer and Marta Bohn-Meyer had the distinction of being the only married couple to both serve on flight status on this two-seat F-104.
EC80-14126 November 13, 1980 F-15 #281 and F-104 #826 fly in formation during Space Shuttle tile testing.
EC79-11687 Sept. 14, 1979 TF-104G #824 flies chase on NB-52B durng a DAST ARW-1 captive flight.
EC77-8122 August 1, 1977 F-104B #819 flies chase on the NB-52B #008 during the first DAST captive flight.
EC76-5145 April 11, 1975 The only time the five ship fleet of NASA Dryden’s F-104 Starfighters was ever airborne at the same time.
EC76-5140 April 11, 1975 F-104A #818 flown by Einar Enevoldson and F-104A #820 flown by Gary Krier in formation over the Mojave Desert.
EC76-5079 April 11, 1975 F-104A #818 flown by Einar Enevoldson
EC71-2811 August 23, 1971 F-104A #820 in flight
EC66-01426 Sept. 1, 1966 F-104N #812 takeoff
EC63-00221 October 24, 1963 All three NASA F-104N's flying in formation.
EC90-128-5 1990 F-104 #826, T-38 #821, and F-18 #841 in formation flight to commemorate pilot Bill Dana 30 year anniversary of first F-104 flight

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