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F-104 Starfighter

F-15 #281 and F-104 #826 fly in formation during Space Shuttle tile testing.

Photo Number: EC80-14126
Photo Date: November 13, 1980
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F-15 #281 and F-104 #826 fly in formation during Space Shuttle tile testing. Note the tiles mounted on the right wing of the F-15 and the centerline test fixture of the F-104.
The F-104G was a late model designed as a fighter bomber for low-level strike missions. It was built for use by the West German Air Force and other foreign governments. At NASA, N826NA accomplished a wide-range of research activities, including tests of the Space Shuttle's Thermal Protection System (TPS) tiles and was also used in chase/support roles. The aircraft made 1,415 flights before being retired. It is now on display at the Dryden Flight Research Center.

F-15A (Serial #71-0281) was obtained by NASA from the U.S. Air Force in 1976 and along with F-15A #287 was used for more than 25 advanced research projects involving aerodynamics, performance, propulsion control, control integration, instrumentation development, human factors, and flight test techniques. Included in these projects was there role as testbeds to evaluate aerodynamic pressures on Space Shuttle thermal protection tiles at specific altitudes and speeds.

NASA Photo by: NASA
Keywords: F-15; F-15A; 281; A model; F-104, F-104G, #281, #826, research projects; space shuttle thermal protection tiles

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