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F-101A Voodoo

The F-101A was a single-seat fighter powered by two Pratt and Whitney engines. A triangular-shaped inlet with elliptical lips was located in each wing root, and supplied air to each engine. The NACA High-Speed Flight Station conducted research on inlet-flow distortion and total pressure recovery at the engine compressor face on the F-101A and two other fighter type aircraft.

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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E56-02456 August 10, 1956 F-101A Front quarter view on Edwards Lakebed
E56-02452 August 10, 1956 F-101A Rear quarter view on Edwards Lakebed.
E-2952 1957 NACA "Century Series" Fleet in flight F-100A, F-101, YF-102A, and F-104

Additional Information

The McDonnell F-101A Voodoo was at NACA High-Speed Flight Station for a period of time until being transferred to NACA Langley Aeronautical Laboratory in 1956.

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