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Dryden Center Directors

Table of Contents:

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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E-11146-47 March 19, 1964 (L to R) Paul F. Bikle, Hugh L. Dryden, and Walter C. Williams in front of the X-15A-2
Walter C. Williams - High Speed Flight Station Director from 1946 to 1959
E-1364 24 Aug 1954 Walter C. Williams (1919-1995)
E49-0170 Oct 1949 Walter C. Williams
E95-43116-5 1948 Key members of the XS-1 research team with Joseph Vensel, Gerald Truszynski, Capt. Chuck Yeager, Walter Williams, Maj. J. Ridley, and D. E. Beeler
E95-43116-7 unknown Walter C. Williams, with Brig. General Albert Boyd
E-908 1953 High Speed Flight Station groundbreaking ceremony - 1953 with Gerald Truszynski, Joseph Vensel, Walter Williams, Marion Kent, and Arthur Samet
EC95-43344-1 Nov 1995 Unveiling of sign for Walter C. Williams Research Aircraft Integration Facility
Paul F. Bikle - High Speed Flight Station/Flight Research Center Director from 1959 to 1971
E-4875 September 16, 1959 Paul F. Bikle
E66-16107 December 2, 1966 Astronaut Neil Armstrong presenting a NASA Flight Research Center flag flown on Gemini 8 space mission to center director Paul Bikle
De E. Beeler - Director Flight Research Center April 27, 1971 to October 11, 1971
E60-05330 1960 De E. Beeler, Dryden Center Director from April 27 - Oct. 11, 1971
E-171 15 Oct 1949 De E. Beeler
Lee R. Scherer - Flight Research Center Director from October 11, 1971 to January 28, 1975
EC95-43116-25 1980 Lee R. Scherer
Dr. David R. Scott, Flight Research Center Director from April 18, 1975 to October 30 1977
ECN-4503 April 2, 1975 David Scott
ECN-5137 1976 Mrs. Hugh Dryden unveils the memorial to her late husband at center dedication, with center director David Scott
John Manke - Dryden Flight Research Facility Director from 1981 to May 1984
ECN-16340 Oct 1981 John Manke
Marty Knutson - Dryden Flight Research Facility Director from May 1984 to December 1990
EC90-306-3 Nov 1990 Marty Knutson seated at desk
Isaac "Ike" Gillam - Dryden Flight Research Center Director from 1977 to 1981
E-34269 June 8, 1978 Isaac "Ike" Gillam
Kenneth J. Szalai - Dryden Flight Research Facility/Center Director from 1991 to July 31, 1998
EC97-43887-1 8 Jan 1997 Kenneth J. Szalai
EC91-601-1 October 29, 1991 Kenneth J. Szalai
Kevin L. Petersen - Dryden Flight Research Center Director from February 8, 1999 to present
EC99-45142-1 August 18, 1999 Kevin L. Petersen
EC99-44890-1 8 Feb 1999 Kevin L. Petersen
EC92-2261-1 26 Feb 1992 Kevin L. Petersen

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