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Firebee Drone - DAST

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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ECN-31306-fr41-5 1984 DAST in flight showing diverging wingtip oscillations
ECN-31306-fr43-9 1984 DAST in flight just after structural failure of right wing
ECN-8113 August 1, 1977 DAST mated to B-52 in flight - close-up from below
ECN-10247 1979 DAST mated to B-52 on ramp - close-up
EC80-14090 June 12, 1980 DAST in flight
EC79-11687 September 14, 1979 TF-104G #824 flies chase on NB-52B durng a DAST ARW-1 captive flight.
EC77-8122 August 1, 1977 F-104B #819 flies chase on the NB-52B #008 during the first DAST captive flight.
ECN-20288 July 28, 1982 DAST being calibrated for flight in hangar
ECN-9353 March 13, 1978 Experiment configurations for the DAST

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