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Gulfstream III/G-III

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
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NASA Evaluates Compact Synthetic Aperture Radar News - Release 07-70
ED07-0042-09 March 6, 2007 The UAVSAR underbelly pod is in clear view as NASA's Gulfstream-III research aircraft banks away over Edwards AFB during aerodynamic clearance flights.
ED07-0042-05 March 6, 2007 The effect of the underbelly UAVSAR pod on the aerodynamics of NASA's Gulfstream-III research aircraft was evaluated during several check flights in early 2007.
ED07-0027-68 February 26, 2007 Shimmering heat waves trail behind NASA's Gulfstream-III research aircraft as it departs the Edwards AFB runway on a UAVSAR pod checkout test flight.
ED07-0027-66 February 26, 2007 NASA's Gulfstream-III research testbed lifts off from Edwards AFB on a checkout test flight with the UAV synthetic aperture radar pod under its belly.
ED07-0027-56 February 26, 2007 A half-dozen test flights in early 2007 evaluated the aerodynamic effect of the UAVSAR pod on the performance of NASA's Gulfstream-III research testbed.
ED07-0027-54 February 26, 2007 An eight-foot-long pod designed to carry a synthetic aperture radar hangs from the underbelly of NASA's Gulfstream-III research testbed.
ED07-0027-45 February 26, 2007 The synthetic aperture radar pod developed by JPL is slung beneath NASA's Gulfstream-III research testbed during flight tests.
ED07-0027-39 February 26, 2007 NASA's Gulfstream-III research testbed lifts off the Edwards AFB runway on an envelope-expansion flight test with the UAV synthetic aperture radar pod.
ED07-0027-01 February 26, 2007 A forest of tufts are mounted on the underbelly and pylon of NASA's Gulfstream-III research aircraft to help engineers determine airflow around the UAVSAR pod.
ED07-0007-5 January 22, 2007 An underbelly pod housing a Synthetic Aperture Radar designed for use on unmanned aircraft is prepared for flight tests on NASA's G-III research testbed.
ED06-0200-07 October 24, 2006 NASA Dryden senior technician David Neufeld prepares JPL's unmanned aircraft Synthetic Aperture Radar pod for inertial swing tests in Dryden's loads laboratory.
EC03-0100-2 April 8, 2003 Gulfstream III in flight over the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.
EC02-0221-6 September 30, 2002 Bob Meyer (right), acting deputy director of NASA Dryden, shakes hands with Les Bordelon, executive director of Edwards Air Force Base. The handshake represents Dryden's acceptance of an Air Force C-20A delivered from Ramstein Air Base, Germany.
EC02-0226-5 October 3, 2002 Gulfstream III on NASA Dryden Ramp

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