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NASA Meatball NASA Dryden Dryden B-29 Mothership banner

Dryden B-29 Mothership

DFRC Photo # Photo Date Image Description
E-9 1949 XS-1 on ramp with B-29 mothership
E49-007 September 1949 XS-1 mounted under B-29 for launch
E-595 1951 X-1 attached to B-29 mothership being serviced by technicions for flight
E55-02072 1955 X-1E loaded in B-29 mothership on ramp
E-2478 1956 D-558-II launch from Navy P2B-1S
E-1013 August 1953 D-558-II #2 being mounted to B-29 mothership
E-1014 1953 D-558-II #2 being mounted to B-29 mothership
E-1526 1954 D-558-II #2 being mounted to B-29 mothership in hangar
E-1152 1952 NACA D-558-II Test Force w/B-29 & F-86
B-29 Pilots
E-2666 November 21, 1956 Navy P2B-1S with pilots - Payne, Buthchart, Walker, Littleton, and Moise

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