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X-43A rode on the first stage of an Orbital Sciences Corp. booster rocket on March 27, 2004. It was launched by NASA Dryden's B-52 at about 40,000 feet. The booster accelerated the Hyper-X research vehicle to the test conditions (Mach 7 or 10) at approximately 100,000 feet, where it separated from the booster and flew under its own power. Orbital Science's Launch Vehicles Division in Chandler, Arizona. builds the Hyper-X launch vehicles.

Movie clips and photos of the X-43 are available in the Movie Collection and Photo Collection. Additional features are in a special edition of the Dryden X-Press.

Description Date DFRC # 600x480
News Releases: 04-20 04-16 04-15 04-14 04-12 04-06 04-03 04-02
X-43A 3-view March 2004 EG-0098-01 .1 MB .3 MB .7 MB .3 MB .3 MB
X-43A 3-view March 2004 EG-0098-02 .1 MB .2 MB .5 MB .2 MB .2 MB
X-43A Engine Comparison March 2004 EG-0098-03 .3 MB .8 MB 2.0 MB 3.4 MB 2.0 MB
X-43A mission profile March 2004 EG-0098-04 .2 MB .4 MB 1.0 MB .8 MB 1.0 MB
Older Hyper-X Graphics
Hyper-X 3-view March 2004 EG-0098-05 .1 MB .2 MB .3 .2 MB .2 MB
Hyper-X flight trajectory March 2004 EG-0098-06 .1 MB .15 MB .25 .4 MB .4 MB
Hyper-X in flight Feb 1998 EG-0098-07 .02 MB .04 MB .09 MB .07 MB none
Hyper-X and launch vehicle Feb 1998 EG-0098-08 .03 MB .06 MB .1 MB .16 MB none

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