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F-15 ACTIVE Images

Description Date DFRC # 600x480
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GIF image
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F-15 ACTIVE 3-View line art Feb 1998 EG-0033-01 34 KBytes 83 KBytes 139 KBytes 164 KBytes

The ACTIVE aircraft is a modified F-15, originally built by McDonnell Douglas in 1971 as the first two-seat F-15 or TF-15A #1.
In the late 80's, F/A-18 stabilators were added as canards along with F100-220 engines, pitch (2D) thrust vectoring/thrust reversing nozzles, stregthened landing gear and a quad-digital fly-by-wire flight control system. When NASA acquired the aircraft in 1993, F100-229 engines with Pitch/Yaw (3D) thrust vectoring nozzles were added.

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