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C-47/R4D Images

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C-47 / R4D 3-View line art Feb 1998 EG-0016-01 22 KBytes 53 KBytes 102 KBytes 137 KBytes

The C-47/R4D Skytrain was one of the work horses for NACA and NASA at Edwards AFB spanning a time from 1952 to 1984. The aircraft was designated R4D by the Navy, the C-47 by the Army and the Air Force, the DC-3 by Douglas Aircraft and the "Gooney Bird" by all others. Over the 32 years three R4D/C-47 aircraft served as shuttle craft hauling personnel and equipment between NACA/NASA Centers, and test locations in and out of California. The R4D was used for the first "air tow" of the M2-F1, a lifting body built of mahogany plywood. The R4D provided approximately 100 tows before the M2-F1 was retired.

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