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B377SG Super Guppy

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With the success of the Pregnant Guppy, a larger, second-generation aircraft was designed to carry the wider S-IVB stage for the Saturn IB and Saturn V boosters for the Apollo program. The "Super Guppy" had a wider fuselage, a taller vertical fin, and more powerful turboprop engines than the Pregnant Guppy.

During the 1966-1967 period, the Super Guppy carried S-IVB stages and their instrument units in support of the closely scheduled Saturn IB and Saturn V launches. The ability to move the stages quickly by air may have prevented the scrubbing
of some launches, which might have resulted in greatly increased costs and and disruptions to the Apollo program. The Super Guppy also carried the Skylab workshop, Apollo Telescope Mount, and the Skylab multiple docking adapter.

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