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747 SCA Images

Description Date DFRC # 600x480
GIF image
GIF image
GIF image
EPS image
B-747 SCA 3-View line art Feb 1998 EG-0012-01 33 KBytes 79 KBytes 142 KBytes 167 KBytes
B-747 SCA side View line art Feb 1998 EG-0012-02 17 KBytes 39 KBytes 61 KBytes 21 KBytes
B-747 3/4 view line art Feb 1998 EG-0012-03 20 KBytes 52 KBytes 77 KBytes 53 KBytes

NASA uses two modified Boeing 747 jetliners, originally manufactured for commercial use, as Space Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA). One is a 747-100 model, while the other is designated a 747-100SR (short range). The two aircraft are identical in appearance and in their performance as Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.

The SCAs are used to ferry space shuttle orbiters from landing sites back to the launch complex at the Kennedy Space Center, and also to and from other locations too distant for the orbiters to be delivered by ground transportation. The orbiters are
placed atop the SCAs by Mate-Demate Devices, large gantry-like structures which hoist the orbiters off the ground for post-
flight servicing, and then mate them with the SCAs for ferry flights.

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