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One of many microphones arrayed under the path of the F-5E SSBE aircraft to record sonic booms.

Photo Number: EC04-0010-02
Photo Date: January 13, 2004
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One of many microphones arrayed under the path of the F-5E SSBE (Shaped Sonic Boom Experiment) aircraft to record sonic booms.

The SSBE (Shaped Sonic Boom Experiment) was formerly known as the Shaped Sonic Boom Demonstration, or SSBD, and is part of DARPA's Quiet Supersonic Platform (QSP) program. On August 27, 2003, the F-5E SSBD aircraft demonstrated a method to reduce the intensity of sonic booms.

NASA Photo by: Tony Landis
Keywords: SSBD, SSBE, F-5E, USAF Test Pilot School, Blanik L-23 glider, microphone, pressure transducer, BADS sensor, Boom Amplitudes Direction System, Shaped Sonic Boom Demonstration, Shaped Sonic Boom Experiment, Quiet Supersonic Platform, QSP

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