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F-15 HiDEC Photo Gallery Contact Sheet F-15 HiDEC Photo Gallery Contact Sheet

Photo Number: N/A
Photo Date: 23 May 2000

Formats: Low Resolution Image Contact Sheet (28 KBytes)
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High Resolution Image Contact Sheet (28 KBytes)

Description: These are the image contact sheets for each image resolution of the NASA Dryden F-15 HIDEC Photo Gallery.

The system that NASA developed on the F-15 to investigate and demonstrate methods of obtaining optimum aircraft performance was called HIDEC -- Highly Integrated Digital Electronic Control.

The major elements of HIDEC were a Digital Electronic Flight Control System (DEFCS), a Digital Electronic Engine Control (DEEC), an on-board general purpose computer, and an integrated architecture to allow all components to "talk to each other."

Unlike standard F-15s, which have a mechanical and analog electronic flight control system, the HIDEC F-15 also had a dual-channel, fail-safe digital flight control system programmed in Pascal. It was linked to the Military Standard 1553B and a H009 data bus which tied all other electronic systems together. The HIDEC aircraft was originally built as the number eight F-15A prototype (Serial #71-0287).

Keywords: F-15; HIDEC; Highly Integrated Digital Electronic Control; DEFCS; Digital Electronic Flight Control System; DEEC; Digital Electronic Engine Control

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