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YF-17A in flight

YF-17A chase plane view of takeoff from Edwards Air Force Base

Movie Number   EM-0087-01
Movie Date   Circa 1976
Formats   160x120 QuickTime Movie (1.5 MB)
320x240 QuickTime Movie (2.9 MB)
480x360 QuickTime Movie (4.4 MB)
640x480 QuickTime Movie (7.4 MB)
XV-15 Still photos of this aircraft are available in several resolutions at

This 40 second movie clip shows a chase plane view of a YF-17A takeoff from Edwards Air Force Base.

From May 27 to July 14, 1976, the Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California, flew the Northrop Aviation YF-17 technology demonstrator to test the high-performance U.S. Air Force fighter at transonic speeds. The objectives of the seven-week flight test program included the study of maneuverability of this aircraft at transonic speeds and the collection of in-flight pressure data from around the afterbody of the aircraft to improve wind-tunnel predictions for future fighter aircraft.

Also studied were stability and control and buffeting at high angles of attack as well as handling qualities at high load factors. Another objective of this program was to familiarize center pilots with the operation of advanced high-performance fighter aircraft. During the seven-week program, all seven of the center's test pilots were able to fly the aircraft with Gary Krier serving as project pilot.

Keywords   YF-17; Dryden Flight Research Center; Northrop Aviation; U.S. Air Force; U. S. Navy; Gary Krier; Roy Bryant; F-18; transonic speed; lightweight fighter
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