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X-45A/UCAV taking off

X-45A/UCAV Project Overview and Autonomous Formation Maneuver Over Edwards AFB

Movie Number   EM-0043-05
Movie Date   Circa 2002
Formats   (QuickTime Version 7 required)
240x160 QuickTime Movie (3.8 MB)
360x240 QuickTime Movie (4.1 MB)
360x240 Closed Captioned (4.1 MB)
480x320 QuickTime Movie (11.8 MB)
720x480 QuickTime Movie (31.7 MB)
Alternative to QuickTime 7 version (37.1 MB)
X-45A Still photos of this aircraft are available in several resolutions at

This 5 minute 25 second movie clip shows the X-45A/UCAV project overview and autonomous formation maneuver over Edwards Air Force Base

The Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) system demonstration program is a joint DARPA/Air Force/Boeing effort to demonstrate the technical feasibility for a UCAV system to conduct various strike missions within the emerging global command and control architecture. The demonstrations within the program are providing the information necessary to enable decision-makers to determine whether it is technically and fiscally prudent to continue development of UCAV aircraft to perform missions.

The Dryden Flight Research Center role in the UCAV program is providing technical expertise and facilities support for the UCAV X-45A under a 1999 agreement with DARPA and The Boeing Company. The X-45A consists of two UCAV demonstration aircraft that will be used in advance of fielding operational systems around 2008.


X-45A; UCAV; DARPA; Boeing; UCAV; unmanned; combat

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