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Tu-144LL ramp taxi and takeoff

Tu-144LL ramp taxi and takeoff

Movie Number   EM-0026-02
Movie Date   1998
Formats   160x120 15-fps QuickTime Movie (3,893 KBytes)
320x240 30-fps QuickTime Movie (6,938 KBytes)
320x240 30-fps MPEG-1 Movie (10,260 KBytes)
TU-144LL Still photos of this aircraft are available in several resolutions at

A jointly funded activity by the NASA High Speed Research (HSR) program and the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group took place to obtain experimental flight data on the Tu-144 supersonic transport built by Russia. The Tu-144 was modified by the Tupolev Aircraft Design Bureau, Moscow, Russia, in 1995-1996 into the Tu-144LL Flying Laboratory to perform flight experiments as part of the NASA HSR Program. Knowledge gained from the flights will benefit the NASA efforts to develop technology that may enable design of an efficient, environmentally friendly second-generation supersonic transport in this country.

This program involved eight experiments -- six aboard the aircraft and two ground test engine experiments. Between November 1996 and February 1998 the Tu-144LL flew 19 research flights. The follow-on Tu-144LL program encompassed about eight flights, focusing on extensions of five experiments from the first project and two new experiments to measure fuel system temperatures and to define in-flight wing deflections.

This movie clip runs 1:17 minutes and shows several different views of the Russian Tu-144 LL supersonic transport, on the ramp, in its hangar, a rear view of the engine exhaust nozzles, the avionics bay, cockpit and finally a shot looking forward along the fuselage from the tail.

Keywords   Tu-144; supersonic transport; Russia; NASA; High Speed Research program; HSR; Boeing Commercial Airplane Group; Tupolev Aircraft Design Bureau
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