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Sonic Boom Suppression: Sonic Booms on Big Structures

Movie Number   EM-0106-01
Movie Date   October 21, 2010
Formats   960 x 540, QuickTime Movie (161.7 MB)
960 x 540 no narration (161.7 MB)
854 x 480, QuickTime Movie (18.4 MB)
854 x 480 Closed Captioned (18.4 MB)

NASA recently conducted flight experiments at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California to examine the effect of low-amplitude sonic booms on large office buildings. As part of the Sonic Booms On Big Structures effort, two NASA F/A-18 aircraft from NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center flew a series of supersonic runs that caused multiple sonic booms of varying intensity over Edwards.
Total Time: 4 minute 34 second

Keywords   Sonic Boom Suppression
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