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STS-114 Space Shuttle Discovery - Early Morning Landing on Runway 22 at Edwards AFB

STS-114 Space Shuttle Discovery - Early Morning Landing on Runway 22 at Edwards AFB

Movie Number   EM-0166-12
Movie Date   August 9, 2005
Formats   160x120 QuickTime Movie (1.2 MB)
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Shuttle landing Still photos of this aircraft are available in several resolutions at
Description   Space Shuttle Discovery landed safely at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base in Calif. at 5:11:22 a.m. PDT this morning, following the very successful 14-day STS-114 return to flight mission.

During their two weeks in space, Commander Eileen Collins and her six crewmates tested out new safety procedures and delivered supplies and equipment the International Space Station.

Discovery spent two weeks in space, where the crew demonstrated new methods to inspect and repair the Shuttle in orbit. The crew also delivered supplies, outfitted and performed maintenance on the International Space Station. A number of these tasks were conducted during three spacewalks.

In an unprecedented event, spacewalkers were called upon to remove protruding gap fillers from the heat shield on Discovery's underbelly. In other spacewalk activities, astronauts installed an external platform onto the Station's Quest Airlock and replaced one of the orbital outpost's Control Moment Gyroscopes.

Inside the Station, the STS-114 crew conducted joint operations with the Expedition 11 crew. They unloaded fresh supplies from the Shuttle and the Raffaello Multi-Purpose Logistics Module. Before Discovery undocked, the crews filled Raffeallo with unneeded items and returned to Shuttle payload bay.

Discovery launched on July 26 and spent almost 14 days on orbit.

Keywords   space shuttle; prototype; NASA; Dryden Flight Research Center; Edwards Air Force Base; Rogers Dry Lake; Shuttle;
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