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Mate-Demate Device at night

Mate-Demate Devices Were Critical to Shuttle Support

Movie Number   EM-0084-35
Movie Date   October 2011
Formats   854x480 QuickTime Movie (134 MB)
854x480 QuickTime Movie (Closed Captioned) (134 MB)

The large gantry-like steel structures at the Dryden Flight Research Center and Kennedy Space Center essential to the Space Shuttle Program, being used to hoist the orbiters off the ground during post-landing servicing operations at Dryden and during mating and demating operations with the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) at both Dryden and Kennedy. (13 minutes 35 seconds)

Keywords   MDD, Mate-Demate Device, large gantry-like steel structures, Dryden Flight Research Center, Kennedy Space Center, Space Shuttle, mating and demating, Shuttle Carrier 747.
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