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Discovery Ferry Flight Leaving Dryden

STS-111 Space Shuttle Endeavour -International Space Station mission

Movie Number   EM-0084-04
Movie Date   June 19, 2002
Formats   160x120 QuickTime Movie (.4 MB)
320x240 QuickTime Movie (3.4 MB)
480x360 QuickTime Movie (6 MB)
640x480 QuickTime Movie (10 MB)
Shuttle landing Still photos of this aircraft are available in several resolutions at

This 40 second video clip shows the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it touches down at Edwards Air Force Base. Heralded by its signature double sonic booms, the Space Shuttle Endeavour dropped through cloudless skies to land at Edwards Air Force Base, California, on June 19, 2002, concluding an almost 14-day mission STS-111 to the International Space Station.

The mission was the 14th construction, supply and crew exchange mission to the station, bringing the Expedition Five crew to the orbital laboratory and returning the Expedition Four crew--Yury Onufrienko, Dan Bursch and Carl Walz--back to Earth. Bursch and Walz set a new American record for single-mission longevity in space of 195 days during their stay aboard the station.

The STS-111 crew was led by commander Ken Cockrell, who was assisted by shuttle pilot Paul Lockhart and mission specialists Franklin Chang-Diaz and Philippe Perrin. Chang-Diaz and Perrin completed installation of the mobile base platform for the station's robot arm, replaced the arm's wrist-roll joint and completed several other tasks during three spacewalks on STS-111.

Keywords   space shuttle; prototype; NASA; Dryden Flight Research Center; Edwards Air Force Base; Rogers Dry Lake; Shuttle;
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