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AREES 2012: Learning About NASA Earth Science Research

Movie Number   EM-0070-08
Movie Date   July 2012
Formats   854X480 QuickTime Movie (17.7 MB)
854X500 Closed Captioned QuickTime Movie (17.7 MB)
1280X720 QuickTime Movie (257.4 MB)

Teachers from around the country recently gathered at NASA's Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility and the AERO Institute in Palmdale, Calif., to participate in NASA's Airborne Research Experiences for Educators and Students (AREES) workshops. For two weeks, the educators focused on NASA's Earth science and flight research missions, how engineers integrate specialized science instruments into aircraft for monitoring terrestrial changes and participated in a simulated NASA ER-2 Earth science mission.

For more information about the AREES program, visit:

Keywords   NASA's Airborne Research Experiences for Educators and Students workshops, AREES, NASA Dryden, Earth Science, Flight Research, ER-2
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